• Here you will find all the different facebook groups used to connect one another through the Gothenburg Community. We have many different types of groups that range from activities such as hiking, to local guides, apartment searches, job and internship searches, events, nightlife, and forums for internationals.
  • We also offer jobs and internships to those that are interested in helping maintain many of these groups. Most groups are non profit, and some are on a commercial basis. However each group is unique in handling different interests for international individuals.

This group is for all the expats living here in Gothenburg. Here you can share your thoughts, give tips, ask questions and aster questions asked. You can also try to find new owners for you old furniture or try to find a new tenant/ room.

Expats in Gothenburg Group

Welcome to GBG STUDENT HOUSING AND APARTMENT SEARCH! Before posting your room in this group, list your room on HousingAnywhere.com, and share the link to this Facebook group.


The International Corner is a group where all international people including Swedish people are welcome to post about anything international.. Here we focus on posts related to events, nightlife, internships, jobs, student housing and apartments, college courses, activities, etc.

The International Corner Group

The Gothenburg Social Network is a common place for everyone who lives in or around Gothenburg. This is a place for those who for example are looking for a job, housing, parties, events or just want to meet new people.

Gothenburg Social Network

The Gothenburg Entrepreneurship Club aims to provide a conduit by which entrepreneurs can access entrepreneurial resources, network with community entrepreneurs, and share ideas.

The Gothenburg Entrepreneurs Club

This groups is for people looking for jobs in Sweden. The group focuses on non Swedish speaking people. We focus on finding internationals jobs that have trouble with the Swedish Language. Please check out the group for further information.

Jobs in Sweden Group

Our group is to help and guide you to come and study here in Sweden. It can be tough trying to find your way whether going back to school or studying a new language. This group directs you in the right path for international education.

International Study in Sweden Group

The Professional Women’s Group is a networking group for all those women in West Sweden interested in various aspects of careers, business and personal development.

Professional Womens Group Goteborg

Group to organize hiking and other outdoor activities in Göteborg area. Feel free to join and to take the initiative of suggesting a hike. Outdoor activities include anything from yoga, to running, hiking, and much more!

Gothenburg Hiking and Outdoor Activities Group

Entrepreneurial Hive is a hub that allows entrepreneurs to work with other entrepreneurs in a very trendy work place setting. If you are new to Gothenburg and have your own business but no office – Entrepreneurial Hive is the place to be!

Entreprenurial Hive

The Guide Gothenburg group focuses on locals perspectives of activities and happenings in Gothenburg. It focuses on what is trendy and what is happening within the Gothenburg area! Check it out and be sure  to translate the Swedish!

The Guide Gothenburg Group

The Fashion, Events, and Entertainment Group focuses on entertainment within the Swedish and Gothenburg area. This includes fashion shows, entertainment of various types, and different events that are happening within the city!

Fashion, Events, Entertainment Group

Here you will find the HBTQ network in mostly Gothenburg, but also all of Sweden. Here it is focused on the different sexual preferences of those within the HBTQ. Discussions of pride and events are also included.

HBTQ Gothenburg Group

The Innebandy Group is a Swedish sport usually indoors similar to hockey but focused on using your feet rather then roller-blades. A great group to join in the winter time for internationals!

Innebandy Gothenburg Group

Vart Ar Festen – Wheres the Party Group is focused on all the parties happening within the Gothenburg Area. You will find all advertisements from different styled parties from all over!

Wheres The Party Group

Here you will find the best of the underground movement, parties, and underground DJ events. Everything from unique from psytrance, to genesis movements, and much more!

The Gothenburg Rave Group


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